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Video encoding decoding using OpenCL, CUDA and Har
This is a blog about audio/video processing staff using GPU acceleration technologies,

CUDA and OpenCL.

Hello Android!!
Posted on April 16, 2013
OK.This is my first post.Recently I have checked an option of using hardware based

video encoding on Android using NDK .I have an access to the Samsung Galaxy S2 phone, and have had a few spare days to play with it.At the bottom line it is possible but not so trivial, one need to edit the OMXCodec.cpp file, and use it as an entry to OpenMAX.The solution based on this unit test from the Android framework.Of course to compile the sample one would need a good amount of android sources, not all of them required for hardware video encoding decoding, but there is also a support for camera related staff:

More follows…
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